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Full Name Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Disc 1 of 2 [U][SLUS-00628].7z
Filesize 278.2 MB
Region USA
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WOW i remmber this game it was really fun ^_^ the vampire girl was cute
I love this game. one of my all time favorite.
@AXSD That's why I love this game. Villagers has more to say than one line, like in most 2D RPGs.
There's only one thing I didn't like from this game, and I think it must be mentionned: too much text in the dialogs. When you talk to NPCs, the text may be very long, and you don't really get anything important out of them most of the time. What's more, your characters may get into the discussion as well, which steals a lot of time. I suppose it's made that way for humour purposes, but they still could have made it a bit lighter to read. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this game, incredible story, fun characters, good gameplay ambience. Play it and finish it. It's worth the while, despite the dialogs.
good gameplay , and has a little comedy =D
PSP remake in 3 Months
A great remake.
This is not an .iso!
Where could i find a lunar disc 2??
This one was originally released for Sega CD, I had it then and now i have it on PSX also really good game play.
Nevermind, scratch that last comment game works fine =D
When I'm shopping for an item, I can't seem to get out of it I tried the circle or triangle button, but it wouldn't let me cancel