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Full Name Looney Toons Sheep Raider [U][SLUS-01369].7z
Filesize 253.2 MB
Region USA
Downloads 103640
Can Download Yes



Thanks, This a great game!!! A game from my teenager and I'm gonna play it again!
its exactly how i remember it!! this website is so sick. great game. althought i thought it was called 'sheep dog and wolf'?
Thank's Romulation 10/10
is the bast game in my life but i don't how can i use it pleeeeeeeeees i want to know??????
Is this game region free? I know that the PAL Version is called 'Sheep, Dog n Wolf' and the NTSC Version is called 'Sheep Raiders'. Which version is it? Will it work on my PAL PS1? And if so, will it be in colour?
One of my PS1 Games that i remember. This game great, but i was used to be stucked in a level... which with bridge if i'm right... Thanks God i found this game, time for revenge
I remember playing this on my cousin's PS1. I used to love it, but the disc broke thus not playbare anymore.. I finnaly found this game now. Thanks. :D
Lol this is actually called "Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf" But either way i found it in the end. When i had this on disk i LOVED IT!!! so (soz guys but i've never done this wid a psx game b4)wadda i do when i finish downloading the rom? do i burn it on a cd? what do i burn it wid? i only ever burnt music b4. do i use windows media player? pls guys reply!!!
This is a funny game, when I was younger i broke the CD because I wasnt able to beat the game.
best game!!!!! so many puzzles to solve, and most of them are sooo stupid, it's funny like the last level lol!!
best game everrr
very funny and great game