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Full Name Legend of Dragoon, The Disc 4 of 4 [U][SLUS-94586].7z
Filesize 303.9 MB
Region USA
Downloads 132794
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What emulator did you guys use I can't play it
Boy red and girl white Boy red and girl dark Ending
Ah...Nostalgia :3 Can't wait to play this game again and again.I think I completed this game.....5 times :D
It's looked a interesting game, I thank you for your ISOs. Legend of Dragoon is hands down, your best ISO available. Thanks. :) I enjoy this game still, even though I've beaten it like...100 times or so. ;D
doesn anyone have the same problem as me?at the divine tree when i get inside so that the stream will blow me up i see some things like spirits going up and just that i w8ed 8 hours and it stills shwos the same i cant get up
the screen shots are from the wrong disks, this is quite annoying when im tryin to make sure im getting the right disk
Probably one of the best games in history, the games nowadays are kinda cool but there is no strategy, no decent storyline, just hack and slash or run and gun. This game gives you attack, defend, items or get-theheck-outta-there. The only magic ya have is in items or through dragoon spirit so no Cure or anything like that. Perfectly awesome. Great graphics for its time. I give it a 10 out of 10....out of 10...out of 5 :] haha
this game really awesome, great storyline, and a lot more,
amazing game indeed, one of the best..
My fav game of all time
yeah.... don't think it is good...