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Full Name Legend of Dragoon, The Disc 3 of 4 [U][SLUS-94585].7z
Filesize 266.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



with Nintendo coming coming down hard on rom sharing sites like this, games lie this becoming rare and thanks for sharing Romulation, I really appreciate what you guy did...many thanks again
This is one of the better games to come out of the 20th/21st century turn-over. The combat system keeps the classic RPG style, but adds a few challanges for flair to keep things interesting. You will grow to love (and even mourn) some of these characters.
lov this site!!! i'd spend so many days looking for an iso of this game now i've finally hve it! thx romulation.net!!!
Best Playstation 1 game ever
Awsome game has a wonderful story line
I love this game!! so great!!!
definitly one of the better games for the psx, ontop of that its one of mmy favorites.
Thanks for sharing ^^
i luv this game...
i cant believe how small the file size is when i downloaded this on my old computer from a different site it was huge it took almost a day to download all (stupid upload services)
Always been a favorite of mine. combat system is challenging but fun
U got an image for the first disc here.