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Full Name Jade Cocoon - Legend of Tamamayu [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00854].7z
Filesize 347.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Jade Cocoon - Legend of Tamamayu is a classic RPG game for the PSX system, featuring an immersive storyline and engaging gameplay. Players can download the ROM and relive the adventure of Levant, a young Cocoon Master tasked with saving the world from a deadly parasite. With a unique monster breeding system and challenging battles, Jade Cocoon - Legend of Tamamayu offers hours of entertainment for fans of the genre. Start your journey today and experience one of the most beloved RPGs of all time on your PC.


I had a hard copy of this game :) .so far the disc image files of the roms I've downloaded.
guys does this version crash in the second forest like EVERY other one I have downloaded???????????????????????????
i think it is better than the ps2 version :P umm, i want to download and play it again, but its say i need more points :/
is it corrupted or not guys? i found many jade cocoon iso on another web were corrupted thanks a bunch
@postnuclearman the main character does level up he just level ups with his technique of catching monsters the higher the level the stronger the flute and the different tune apart from that your reveiw is pretty accurate
fourth screenshot is from jade cocoon 2 on ps2 lol.
this game is so great - perfect mix of final fantasy and pokemon!!!!!
Okay, Time for a Post Nuclear Review. Jade cocoon is an Role Playing Game with a deep story, mostly revolviong around man and his conflict with nature. This is entirely irrelevant to you, beyond the fact that the story is well written you don't need to worry about it. Gameplay wise... The main character doesn't level up, this is not a bad thing, his stats are determined by items (great walnuts for instance will increase his health limit) and his equipment.) As for creatures... This game is about making abominations. You capture creeatures, and have them become silk cocoons for sellin to get you money, or you can raise and fight them, but to have a truly powerfuil creature you need to fuse them so that your chosen abomination can have multiple attacks, and magical spells. Your ultimite creature is likely going to be a hybrid of six or so beasts, at least. I give it an "A Plus."
great game very nice story and the 2nd game to it is not half bad at all
Heh! Studio Ghibli (creator of "princess mononoke, spirited away, howls moving castle) did a great job on this!
great game, played this on psx and been playing on psp now going bout 5 hours no bugs so far =), i kinda like mixing monster and creating a fourlegged creature hehehe you could even create a dragon here =) with a bit of imagination you could create anythin :D
Convert to .bin or .iso n download this software PSX2PSP, n make eboot, if the eboot done, place the folder eboot in folder name PSP n place in folder game ^^ enjoy it Darksoul20