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Full Name Gundam Battle Assault [U] [SLUS-01226].rar
Filesize 265.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Gundam Battle Assault for the PSX is a thrilling fighting game that lets you control powerful mechs and engage in intense battles across different arenas. With the ability to choose from different Gundam units, each with unique stats and abilities, and a variety of moves to master, Gundam Battle Assault offers an authentic and exciting gameplay experience. Download the ROM now to relive the excitement of this classic game on your PC.


How is this game has no sound effects,only music?
I really like this game it's more funny thank a lot.
This is an excellent fighting game, whereas EVERY sequel is a little more dissappointing. GBA2 is a let-down after playing this, in terms of character selection despite the general feel of the game which for the most part is smoother. The Gameboy Advance "Gundam BA: SEED" is pretty-much a cash-in cop-out on gameplay. I don't even want to TRY GBA 3 for PS2. Regardless, if you want to play Gundam Battle Assault, or a gundam fighting game, this is probably the one. There is another pretty good Gundam Fighting game, based on the "Wing" series, "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Duel" for the SNES. Hope someone found my comment useful.
Ahh my fave old ps1 gundam fighting game, I loved this game.brings back memories of me kicking my friends butt with only using the zaku..
Great Game. Also tested and converted onto the Play Station portable System. I confirm this rom works and is good. Features supported includes story mode and vs mode. You play as Heero Yuy throughout story mode however you can pick a different Universal Century Gundam ( or Wing Gundam).
Must have for any gundam fan, fun fast game play makes this game worth playing.