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Full Name Gundam Battle Assault 2 [U] [SLUS-01418].7z
Filesize 108.2 MB
Region USA
Downloads 106592
Can Download Yes



does not work on ePSXe...idk bout other emulators..otherwise it is a good game
try using an older version of epsxe (ie 1.6.0) instead of the 1.7.0 it has better support for disc changes versus the 1.7... although the sound quality kinda goes down a notch... tried playing this on 1.7... it loads fast prior and during the fight but... crashes right after... i suspected it to be because of the track layout on the disc so i needed an emu with change disc support... voila! it works like magic on 1.6... hope this helps...
how can i make this work? i thought it was an .iso format Can i get this to play on my PSP as a PSX file just like other PSX games? Or does anyone know of a site that offers a torrent for this game on a PSX format for a PSP? Can I even play this on my PC? what do I need to do? need help here...
this game not working on my PSP... this cost me a 3 hour full to make it works, but still not working... any suggestion? I'm using Popstation GUI
whont work on street after the first battle it exits
I have a copy already that I play on my ps3, downloading to play on my psp now, great game and loads of fun
is the iso ECM'd? cause it crashes after the fight...
Do we need to burn it first??? """////"""
it wont work for me on pSX either. [email protected] alrick: pSX doesnt use plugins, therefore you cant, to my knowledge, use a different one
Great game thank.
Hmm.. i'll try this one.. ^^,
Great game, love it.... to this day i still can pwn my buds with the zaku