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Full Name Gran Turismo [U] [SCUS-94194].7z
Filesize 305.1 MB
Region USA
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Gran Turismo is a legendary racing game for the PSX console, featuring an extensive collection of licensed cars from around the world. With immersive graphics and realistic physics, players can experience the thrill of high-speed racing as they compete through various tracks and courses. Download the Gran Turismo ROM for free, and enjoy this classic game on your PC today.


This is what started me with simulation racers, It was when Forza Motorsport 4 and forza horizon came out is when I fell in love with it over grand Turismo.
Two things I remember very clearly about this game: 1) The green Mistubishi FTO LM (aka "Frogger"). 2) Special Stage Route 11 - the twistiest turniest freakin race course in the history of history. I wish there was a way to port both of these (especially the latter) into the newer GT games...
this is the best playstation driving sim on the planet.i still love it to this day.
Is the best game for PSX.Is better than GT2.
GT1 was a great game for the day, and it's still impressive. Sure, GT2 has a lot more game to play through, but GT1 still has plenty of races and cars to stop you from getting bored. Nice first effort. And they need to bring back Racing Modification for GT5.
this game is amazing i love it
first game of the real car simulating series.It's very good.
this game is very legend for my life.. in ps2 (gran turismo 3-5) is very different.. this game is very cool, this game is real driving simulator.. so driving with you feel.. GOOD JOB Gran Turismo ^^
This is the best game i ever played
I Like this game. This game is a of best simulator race games
the sound track is awesome in this game
good game... but, I do not know turned his car ... do you know deflect vehicle?