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Full Name Gran Turismo 2 Arcade Disc [U] [SCUS-94455].7z
Filesize 411.2 MB
Region USA
Downloads 152464
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Best race game on ps1
GT2 was such an amazing game for the day, and it's still impressive today. Buying cars, modding them every which way, and doing various races and such in simulation mode. And there's the fun arcade mode if you want a quick race. My only gripe? The crappy PS1 graphics, though I don't mind that.
i still play this game on ps1 its brilliant, my arcade disc work work though but the simulation is great when you get into it
i like this game
wow, cool!
Gran Turismo 2 is one of the best Racing Games on the PSX! I'd recommend to download both, the Arcade and Simulation Disk for Doublefun :D Have fun with this nice game!
@ rhazen_28 custom firmware
how can i use this on psp,,please help!!thanks
awsome... I find it for long. Thank You.
yo this game is awesome... i cant even believe im playin it agian!!
It should work on the psp if you have converted with popstation
will this run on a psp ?