Full Name Front Mission 3 [U] [SLUS-01011].7z
Filesize 303.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Front Mission 3" is a classic tactical RPG game developed by SquareSoft for the PSX system. Experience intense battles as you control giant mechs in turn-based combat. Immerse yourself in an engrossing story that explores the consequences of war and the power of love and friendship. Download the ROM now and relive the thrilling gameplay of "Front Mission 3" on your PC.


thank you very munh >w< I find this game very long time~~
The size of the extracted bin file should be 602381kb(+1kb iso file), if you got a 602379kb bin file, from anywhere including here in romulation, it has the emma problem. I got a good copy from an upload by fabiofilho in snesorama. I really liked this game and I just thought that everyone should know that a good copy of the game is available, or maybe the guys at romulation might upload a good copy of this game. Being able to play both scenarios gives this game a very high replay value because you retain all the learned battle skills for kazuki and ryogo. Emma scenario is also the only way to get a hoshun with body smash ability and laser weapon.
I like it very much.
in mission 20 emma story xinzhu or yingko route are not accessible for me, can tell me why ??
Already finished Emma's story, it works well, except Xinzhu is not accessible. Other aspects works well. Hope no errors at Alisa's story. Overall, this game is awesome for a strategy-RPG lovers.
THANK YOUUU I love this game
One of -the best- strategy games made for the Playstation. Highly customizable mechs, good story line (minus a few times of bad english... "I want to get to everybody out of here") Overall, I would give the game a 9.5/10.
This game is really fun i wonder if persona would be any good :D
I love this game. It is my favourite PSX game ever. Just Try It :)
ISO not working at battle 20. do you have any Front Missiob 3 ISO another than ?? thanks :)
ahh i loved this game on the psx :) by far the best game i have played strategy wise .. i still play it now and agian just to remember it haha the latest front mission games since this one have gone downhill a little the one coming out soon is more like a 3-rd person shooter like armoured core than the original front missions
at above: so you mean we can still play emma's mission just by proceeding with Yingko route? at the one asking about making enemy surrendered: try to disable them by destroying both arms or legs or any combination of those. anything that will prevent them from escaping or attacking. white flag appears. to make them fully surrender, attack them once more. avoid destroying the body. In my case, i eject a pilot and shoot it with pistol for minimum damage or attack them with hardblow for minimum damage if allowed. Greatest strategy game i've ever played. classic.