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Full Name Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 [U] [SCUS-94163].7z
Filesize 460.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Step into the immersive world of Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3, a classic role-playing game that first captured the hearts of gamers on the PSX console. Follow the epic adventure of Cloud and his allies as they fight against the villainous Sephiroth to save the planet. With stunning graphics and a captivating storyline, Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 offers players an unforgettable gaming experience. Download the ROM today and relive the magic of this timeless classic.


is there any way to keep aerith alive??
Best FF game in the world if only theyed remake it for the ps3 'cept with beter graphics
This game is working
this game is good but i think the popularity comes from the fact that it was the first ff game to be marketed heavily so more people knew about it if it wasn't for that it would just be another game.
One of the defining games on ps1
I would say that many would agree with me when I say that this is possibly the greatest game ever if not the greatest role playing game for playstation, it pretty much made the style of game explode with millions of games trying to immitate it, and the fact that they've made so many afterwards just trying to get that winning formula this game had. STORY CHARACTERS GAMEPLAY ART=A role playing game at it's best.
A good FF game, but IX places better in my opinion... I played that one before VII and found VII to be a step down, except in fanboys. That was a step up.
One of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever. A true classic. <3
The greatest RPG game in the world, up to this time of PS2 and PS3 and XBOX, bar none!
Actually the PC version is a direct port. It's no different from the PSX version at all.
ONE OF IF NOT THE BEST RPG EVER MADE!!!!a must have...theres also a last ditch PC version that they made but it doesnt compare to the OG at all
love this story. does anyone remember the cheat for the best sword?