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Full Name Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 [U] [SCUS-94163].7z
Filesize 460.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Step into the immersive world of Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3, a classic role-playing game that first captured the hearts of gamers on the PSX console. Follow the epic adventure of Cloud and his allies as they fight against the villainous Sephiroth to save the planet. With stunning graphics and a captivating storyline, Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 offers players an unforgettable gaming experience. Download the ROM today and relive the magic of this timeless classic.


Hey just wondering if anyone knows if i downloaded this would it work on my psp or would i only be able to play it on an comp based emulator?
the game is good no doubt about it. but i personnally think that is big time over rated, please this can't beat metal gear solid. and also final fantasy 8 and 9 are better in gameplay and graphics.
Word son.
Dont get whats wrong with people only playing playstation3 and xbox 360. Plus not everyone likes rpg. Great game but you cant make everyone love it.Not the best final fantasy though.
hey guys.. does this game have a cheat? if it does how can i activate it? thanks by the way FFVIII is still the best.. cant wait for FFXIII on PS3 this coming March 2010
nice this game works on my psp 3000!!!
man, this game is clearly the best rpg out there. i dont see why people think its overrated.
This is a very great game. Definitely worth the points. My only problem is that it's too big of a file. I'm running out of space on my laptop....
i have ePSXe and it ePSXe won't open something is missing and it says to reinstll but they never have an installer even fron the main website can someone plz email me a copy of their working emlator on [email protected] thx love this game but cant play yet
yh i must say this is a pretty awesome game i still like final fantasy 8 alot and just as much but i also like final fantasy7 cuz it made final fantasy 8 so in fact i like both final fantasy 8 and final fantasy 7 two of the most best final fantasy games ever made and i'am still playing final fantasy8 beacause it's like reall hard
yeah, i know it's probably the best , and i think viii is the most fantastic game ever on ps1
still, my best final fantasy's series is Final Fantasy IX, especially for zidane's love story... lol