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Full Name Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 [U] [SCUS-94163].7z
Filesize 460.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Step into the immersive world of Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3, a classic role-playing game that first captured the hearts of gamers on the PSX console. Follow the epic adventure of Cloud and his allies as they fight against the villainous Sephiroth to save the planet. With stunning graphics and a captivating storyline, Final Fantasy VII Disc 1 of 3 offers players an unforgettable gaming experience. Download the ROM today and relive the magic of this timeless classic.


Can you play this game on the psp?
This game has a wonderful storyline!!! I hope it will release for PS3 or X-BOX 360 with same storyline!! will it?
My best final final fantasy is final fantasy IX
For some reason I can't get this game to work. I keep getting 2 error messages. One say missing Render-Texture Extension and it says no pixel format avilable. help please! i´ve almost played every Final Fantasy game..and FFVII is best!!
Imagine every positive comment you could give on a game...thats it, now you know how awesome this game is!
Final Fantasy 7. The first in the series to have been lovingly crafted in (albeit basic) 3D. Theres not much else I can say about this game apart from it is absolutely amazing. The musical score, wrote and partially performed by Nobuo Uematsu fits every moment of play perfectly. From the obvious battles, to the (sometimes, I admit!) Heart wrenching moments, where you feel so immersed and connected to the characters you actually FEEL what they are going through. The graphics for their time were amazing, and in my opinion, have stood the test of time and are easily accesible by all.(Even those spoilt rotten by having only ever played ps3/xbox 360 games). With such a variety of ways to customise your characters, to the massive expanse of areas you can visit, this game is most definetly worth playing. My review stands for all 3 of the discs. Not many games can command a player to spend 70 hours or more in levelling up your characters and completing all the side quests. I hope this inspires some more people to give final fantasy 7 a try.(For that matter, play ANY final fantasy, because they all have the same playability). Ichmonji
Since this game comes in three disks, how can you continue using the characters from the first disks? won't the stats be different or something?
Finally found one! been looking for this game for ages.. :D
This is the peak of Final Fantasy gaming. And here's why: The story is the best that any final fantasy has ever seen. The graphics were amazing and still are okay (not that they matter really). This, next to Final Fantasy III/XI, is the best RPG ever produced.
The game does not seem to be going to the start menu for me
This is the best rpg