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Full Name Fighting Force [U] [SLUS-00433].rar
Filesize 305.2 MB
Region USA
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One of the earliest game ive ever played on PSone.
This Is An Awesome Co-Op Beat-Em Up Videogame! Gonna Smash My Gamepad By Button Mashing! But...Why No Sound? For Those Who Can't Make This Rom Work In Emulators, Try Playing The .ccd file instead of the .bin or CD Image Files...If It Still Doesn't Works, You'll Have To Use Pete's OpenGL Video Plugin...You Welcome!
good game...
i must admit, this game is hard. good for gamers
Its like 'Streets of Rage' for the playstation. I remember getting this and Discworld for christmas yearssss ago.
It was supposed to be Streets of Rage 4 but Sega weren't happy with it and left the Streets of Rage name off it ; - )
Can't get past character selection screen - the whole thing freezes up using ePSXe170. Useless download, skip it.
first time i ever saw a Playstation and this was a first game i saw. I..was speachless. This game is awesome
me and my brother use to played this all of the time great beat em up and its coming to psn to download.
This game completely obliterates Sega's Die Hard Trilogy Arcade game. This was originally going to be a Sega Saturn exclusive but then the devs figured out the Saturn was merely months away from death. Dev of this game was circa 1997. The Saturn died in early 1998. Good thing they put this game on a system that doesn't remind me of double wide trailer parks. For some reason, the crappiness of the Saturn just does. Oh don't forget to try the N64 version of this game too, it has different music.
Best Fighting game I've ever played in Co-Op Mode on such a console! It beats everything!
great game i hope they make another part
Cant get passed the char se;ct screen plz help