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Full Name Fear Effect Disc 1 of 4 [U] [SLUS-00920].7z
Filesize 317.8 MB
Region USA
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It works pretty well except I can't load saves, says bad memory card. Sucks because I'm really interested in it.
Use Save States?
Well you can either save up like i did and wait until you get ~20k points to start downloading bigger games, or do like i am going to do probably tomorrow... become a Premium member. 500 points/day instead of 50 20 downloads at a time instead of 2 and no cap on the download speed. All for only $15/2months Half what i pay for the WoW account i never use!
whao..Fear Effect, RE, Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis...they cost SOO MUCH POINTS! I had to store up so much to download them...ex: FE serie 1 2, each 4 disk, each disk cost about 600-700 it's 600x8=4800points!
I want this terribly, but it will take weeks waiting with the overnight system.
This is an awesome game and fills me with nostalgia and delight! Thanks romulation!
This was a great game for the PSX. A nice blend of action and puzzle solving, with a refreshing art style.