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Full Name Fear Effect 2 - Retro Helix Disc 1 of 4 [U] [SLUS-01266].7z
Filesize 505.5 MB
Region USA
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First time I remember "nudity" in a video game.
"I wear my sunglasses at night"
i want test this games should be good
i only got this game thinking that it was gonna be a massive game with the 4 discs an all. still not a bad game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it is a really good game.The characters the storyline and the graphics add up to one of the most atmospheric games of all time!!!
I can't believe people are not paying attention to this...(though some say it's too demonic..)...Fear Effect 2 is, I think, better than the original installment...better control and better storyline (XD..also depending on if you can tolerate lesbian love~~whoops..spoiler)...anyone in love with retro horror/action should get in touch with this!