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Full Name Dynasty Warriors [U] [SLUS-00438].7z
Filesize 279.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Dynasty Warriors" is an ambitious action-packed game for the PSX that allows players to experience the battles of ancient China. With a vast array of characters and stunning visuals, this game offers an immersive and strategic combat experience. The game can be easily accessed through a ROM download, allowing players to play it on their PC. Overall, "Dynasty Warriors" is an intense adventure waiting to be explored by PSX enthusiasts.


use psx
try changing your configurations. use different plugins.
try it on DAEMON Tools it might work
I have the newest version of Epsxe and I still can't play the game?
What should I do then when it does not work with epsxe other then using epsxe 1.7?
Thankies! yep. deathbolt's correct. try epsxe 1.7 though. but u were warned ayt? ^\_^v
Dont work with epsxe