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Full Name Driver [U] [SLUS-00842].7z
Filesize 363.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Experience the thrill of being a undercover driver in the iconic GAME "Driver" on your PC with our easy and safe PSX ROM download. Relive the adrenaline-fueled car chases and high-speed pursuits across the streets of Miami and San Francisco with our hassle-free installation process. The PSX version of Driver offers unparalleled gameplay mechanics and a cinematic storyline that will keep you hooked for hours. Get your hands on the PSX ROM for Driver today and start your virtual driving journey!"


this game is too much !! thanks for release it !!
@kyal You need fmcb on your sony memory card with psxemulator.elf but some games dont work,some have bugs. Even with modchip there are alot of bugs in ps1 games
this game is true manly and runs awesome on epsxe
if ya wanna put it on disk then you should start with a cue file and a bin file. get imgburn (works well) and burn the cue at about 4 *-8 * speed. when it burns it seems to do the bin at the same time, im not sure. oh yea i aint downloaded yet so i dunno what i will start with. if you start with a img or iso you may need to get ultraISO to convert it to Bin,Cue file. hope this helps
how do you put the game on the disc and play on ps2? can you play on ps2?
thanks but how to have new points please help me?
one of the best driving games in the world, i used to just drive around, now i find out theres missions after i lose it, it is one of the most intense driving games in the playstation 1 world!!!