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Full Name Dragonball GT - Final Bout [U] [SLUS-00493].7z
Filesize 51.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Explore the epic Dragonball GT universe on your PC with our PSX game download of Dragonball GT - Final Bout. Play as your favourite characters from the popular anime series and engage in intense battles with breathtaking graphics and smooth gameplay. Our ROM download ensures easy access to this classic console game, allowing you to relive the excitement of Dragonball GT - Final Bout on your personal computer. Get ready to experience the ultimate Dragonball fighting game, now available for your gaming pleasure."


You need to open the link in a new tab for just this one game to download it... no idea why.
I could not dowmload it and i tryed many times but it is not downloading and i have many coast so i could not check if it is good
Thank! I have crazy about and I like the cartoon