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Full Name Dragon Seeds [U] [SLUS-00734].7z
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Region USA
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I Endorse this game. Long story short, you get a dragon via random generation of word phrases and species choice. Like "Saurian" as a species choice and "The Future is Near" as a word choice, this nets you a dragon of a certain elemental type and from there you can choose 2 stats to increase upone hatching your dragon. from there you buy a shield and a weapon for the dragon and get down to training and pitting your dragons against other dragons for money and fame. I give it a "B Plus"
One more thing, the dragon that your gonna get depends not just on your training but also on the save files on your mem card. Got the original disk hehehe
indeed very great game, and after you got one of the special dragons it was easy to get more of them ( often i'd just have my game sleep 30 or 60 days and see if it was still alive, if it was it was a rare dragon =D
This game is great, my PS died still have a hard copy of the game but no way to play it, spent countless hours a child playing and now im sure i'll lose plenty of sleep as an adult, Thanks ROMULATION! Screen Shots to come.
This game's fun.. I rememebr the super secret dragons you could get that would never age or die once they reached that stage *\_*
Fighting Dragon