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Full Name Disney's Hercules [U] [SLUS-00529].7z
Filesize 194.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Disney's Hercules is an action-packed game for the PSX based on the popular animated movie. Play as Hercules and fight against monsters from Greek mythology to save the world. Download the ROM and relive the adventure on your PC today.


Nowadays people go more for the graphics, that the gameplay/story
I miss it when games had soul, like this one.
worth playing. i remember i had the demo and kept restarting it when i finished the level
I used to have this game on my old computer when I was 6 or 7 years old. I absolutely love it! This game was so hard back then, but when I was that young, I wasn't a big gamer, so... Anyway, this game is now pretty easy to beat. ;) For a game that is based off a movie, this one is actually pretty good. A nice platformer game, which works well. I approve!
i love hercules..................i cry when found this..............still play this
best ! i love this game.. awsome!
No flipping way. I spent HOURS on the demo. ANd the game itself. Impale ye, FFVIII and BB:LIT, make way for Hercules!
I absolutely LOVE this game. I used to play this when i was about 5/6 I loved this game. And i still do, thank god i found this game I've Been Trying to look for this for ages. Woo!
A suprisingly good, solid platformer. It's rare for a game based on a movie to be this good, (or good at all) but this is actually not bad.
Yup, its such a shame that lifelike graphics sell more than gameplay. For example, imagine how awesome Pokemon DS could be if instead of dedicated half the cart to graphics, they kept the GBC style graphics and just pumped it full of features including MMORPG modes.
riarku i think if they did that the game would be so awsome that we'd all die from amazement
imagine if they combined the new graphics and controls with the od styles we love so much?