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Full Name Digimon World [U] [SLUS-01032].7z
Filesize 178.6 MB
Region USA
Downloads 146985
Can Download Yes



Anyone able to get the game to read your controls? I've pressed every button on my Xbox Controller and I get nothing.
How can you not love pooping simulator 1999? Seriously though great game, loved it as a kid still great now.
unfortunately this game has some glitch when playing jukebox and when your garurumon evolves to weregarurumon (it's invisible!!). Though, in japanese version there's no glitch after all (weregarurumon is existed in there, not invisible just like the english one)
Do you happy and injoy the game???
I loved this game. I used to sit and play this for hours. Hope this works!
this is one of the best games that bandai has ever made
Yeay! Digimon! I love you! We don't have to pay for this right? XD
A pretty nostalgic game, i used to play with my friends a long long time ago. The only thing that flaws this game is the messy evolution system (my agumon evolved into a giant poo once xD). Its a pretty entertaining game, though.
this game is great!!i was addicted xP at my first played, i got phoenixmon xDD that's digimon is cool ^^b best game ever!!
Yo this game was absolutly my fav. game of all time it is beast mode (laugh out loud) it was the best
Best Digimon game EVER!
Hi all! This game is amazing. I never get bored of it...I discovered every secret of the game, (thanks to the guide on the internet too) I just downloaded it and I hope it will work. Thanks ROMULATION! If someone need to know how to get a digimon I'm here ;)