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Full Name Digimon Rumble Arena [U] [SLUS-01404].7z
Filesize 164.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



it's a realy good game
hi all when im was young i play this game i want download anime game and play it online like rpg... if you know an online role playing game anime send me a message please!!!
This was my favourite game since i first bought my ps1 like 10 years ago! This game is great and this site is greater!
Not a very good game. Perfect for casual gamers and kids but no hardcore gamer should enjoy this. I'm a Digimon fan but this game simply sucks.
it is working on epsxe1.7 but there is a screen problem when a round starts
i cant figer it out wat emlatoter do you need and how to you beging to use the game
Oh. My. God... I played this when I was really little I remember renting it. As a toddler I wouldn't notice when my dad would return the games on their due dates and I FINALLY reunite with this game once more.
I remember this game from my cousins. It was very good because we always win against each other.(tie)
the screen is broken help please
is this .bin or .ccd or .iso?
Is this an Adventure Game
got screen problem... anyone knows the video settings for this game?