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Full Name Diablo [U] [SLUS-00619].7z
Filesize 303.5 MB
Region USA
Downloads 110221
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PSXFIN is a good ps1 emulator but have to either make your own memorycards or download them
this is a really good port to the original.Although many like me who played the original remember that it had really sharp graphics and other elemnts and of course online play.But this version has some good elements in it too.The lightning from fire places are much better and when you're in tristram you see you're reflection in the water,and it had 2 player co-op mode wich made the game a tone more easy in a few parts of the game and it was a lot more fun having a bud next to you when you played.
i love this game on Pc, now i want to play on my psp :P
Old School is (thanks to Romulation) New School, even if it's on the PSX
anybody know where i can get the pc vesion of this for FREE
not so good when playing on psp sceen 2 small =x
any body know how to run it ?? i use ePSxe. it didn't run Black screen only ?? !
reply to :caxarambex download ecm tools
downloading now, thank god its not in parts.
ultra iso and popstation gui
hg_asyd, how do you convert it?
will it run on m33-4 CFW for PSP? or do I have to convert to eboot? converting it anyway