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Full Name Deception III - Dark Delusion [U] [SLUS-01067].7z
Filesize 363.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



"Deception III - Dark Delusion" is a thrilling action-packed game for the PSX system. Released in 1999, the game allows players to create complex traps and strategically luring their enemies into them. Download the game's ROM to your PC and experience a new level of unique gameplay. With its engaging storyline and challenging levels, this classic PSX game promises hours of entertainment for gaming enthusiasts. Discover the game's secrets and master the art of deception with "Deception III - Dark Delusion."


One of PlayStation's many sleeper hits, even to this day the game is still enjoyable to play
for me kagero deception 2 is the best.. nice quality -down: deception 3
Juegazo!!!!! is a very great game!
awesome awesome game the combinations you can make are endless, alot of thought and love went into it, shame they don't do more of that when they make new games nowadays, put more of their thought love and time into a game rather than making sure it out by christmas:(
i agree with all the previous statements, beautifully done game all around, i own a copy of the disk, just spotted the DL here and thought i'd give my piece.
Ohh man !!! thnx so much for this game , searched for it everywere '-' Lov it =D
I remember playing the demo for this when I was a kid. The name just jumped out at me and I just HAD to download it.
For years i looked for this game i only played the demo but i played the hell out of it..This makes me extremely happy! So happy that i will have to hold off on the killing spree i was planning.
The trap creation and harder enimies kept me striving for bigger and badder combos ^^ Always loved Deception and III is the best so far : D
More traps and less mercy with harder enemies. Kinda addictive when you get used to it.
Man, I still play Deception I and III to this day! The third was the best. Think Trapt for the PS2 only playable.