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Full Name Dead or Alive [U] [SLUS-00606].7z
Filesize 254.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Dead or Alive, a classic fighting game, was originally released for the PSX console. Now, you can experience the thrilling martial arts action on your PC with our convenient ROM download. Play as your favourite character and use their unique fighting style to defeat opponents in intense one-on-one battles. With smooth and responsive controls, vivid graphics and immersive sound, you'll feel fully engaged in the life-or-death struggle of Dead or Alive. Get your game on today and download Dead or Alive PSX ROM for PC!


HUGE fan of DoA games tnx for uploading this I haven't seen htis game for logn time
This plays great, but there doesn't seem to be any music during gameplay. Does nyone else have that issue too?
shanefpt: just one correction: xbox is a 32bit processor and OS. x86 is another way of saying 32 bit.
Why do people do that? Not flaming, but OF COURSE the Xbox version or the Dreamcast version is better, you are talking about hardcore gaming CPU's and better GPU technology on more advanced systems... PSX is a 32 Bit system while DC is a 32-bit OS with a 128-bit graphics capability running on a 32-bit CPU with a 16-bit shader driver, and Xbox is an 86-bit OS with 256-bit graphics a dual core processor and 32-bit shader driver! This game was PHENOMENAL for it's time!!! It is still a great game, and if run on a modern PC with a good graphics card (eg. ePSXe with the P.E.Op.S 2.9 video plug on an Intel 4 w/3.0Ghz - Nvidea Geforce w/256 vram - 4GB DDRAM) and a proper configuration, this game can look almost as shiny and react twice as fast!!! Believe me. And for something that is nearly ten years older, that is really saying a LOT!
Dead or Alive is for those Fighting Game Fans out there looking for a Kinkier side of it. DOA has an easy to get used to simple control and game interface. Character models ae a bit on the high poly count side so 3d models look better than most PSX games. Movements are also smooth and fluid which makes game play more engaging. It's a Fighting game worth your download points.
the xbox version is amazing
this is the game that spawned the idea of realistic movement of females chests and skirts(putting it politely)someday this game would become dead or alive beach volleyball! *drools* j/k anyway geat game i love the series well worth playing.
A fun fighting game. even though the dead or alive 2 for the dreamcast had better graphics. this version is good and fun as well.