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Full Name Crash Team Racing [U][NTSC-U] [SCUS-94426].7z
Filesize 266.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



THIS WORKS! Thanks again romulation, you are the best
Even abetter racing game than MarioKart. The item/weapon system is much better (I like how you can avoid the homing missles). And there's just something about the whole theme of Crash Bandicoot that makes for a casual-play atmosphere.
This game reminds me of good times, i played this when i was six (7 years ago)
best ps1 game evaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cool game!!!
Best kart racing game ever. Well, modnation racers may be able to surpass this, but only time can tell.
I never liked any of Crash Bandicot games but this Racing version is awesome!
i love this game. my favorite out of the crash bandicoot racing games. i highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of crash bandicoot
thx for the go game
lol, are kidding?! This game was very easy, only the platinum stars in the time trial mode was some challenge! I have finished this game several years ago and I've got everything in the adventure mode and all gold
I go to adventure mode and(I checked all the boxes in sound plugin)after the mask talked to me there starts to play all the sounds in the game..sorry becouse my english..can someone help me?
i have the same problem too nd i cant really find a way to fix it... trying going to the forums in ngemu.com nd see if theres a way to solve the problem... i myself have yet to figure it out.