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Full Name Clock Tower [U][NTSC-U] [SLUS-00539].7z
Filesize 168.0 MB
Region USA
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Clock Tower for PSX is a classic horror game that follows the story of orphan Jennifer Simpson as she tries to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Clock Tower. Players must investigate their surroundings, solve puzzles, and evade the terrifying Scissorman in order to progress. With its suspenseful gameplay and iconic characters, Clock Tower remains a beloved title among horror game enthusiasts. Download the ROM today to experience the terror for yourself.


Clock tower, Parasite eve, final fantasy and resident evil were what made the ps1 so memorable.
I'm downloading it, since the reviews about this game are very conclusive :D
the two last images ( 3 and 4) are from clock tower from super nintendo
hm~~why is the screen cap for the last 2 pics from the SNES ClockTower while the first 2 are actually from the PS1...
this game is do not work
upgrade your emulator to the newest version and use a PAL or (Euro) version Bios, I find they run better for most games.
This is probably the stupidest game I have ever played.....but the fact that is I just love finding hiding places and kicking the clock guy in his stomach...or groin, whateva the chick does. The fact that I keep going out the door that leads to the lake and he keeps following me out of it and falling to his doom ( but manages to keep coming back???) is a classic gut buster. Thanks Romulation.
XD...point and click horror to the extreme...great storyline too!
I like this game ^\_^
I like this game it is my Favorite
An I use psx isos on my psp too?
Scary all because ur getting chased
Thank you so much... been searching this game for a long long time...