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Full Name Castlevania - Symphony of the Night [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00067].7z
Filesize 340.6 MB
Region USA
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Experience the legendary action-adventure of "Castlevania - Symphony of the Night" on your PC with our PSX downloadable ROM. Venture through Dracula's castle as Alucard and discover new abilities and enemies in this classic platformer. Download the PSX ROM now and relive the iconic battles against dark creatures and mythical bosses.


One of my favourite side scrolling games really recommend everyone to download this.
This is the best game of history besides RE3, Metal Gear Solid and God Of War
Despite a realy easy game it had great replay ability and good graphics for a 2d game definetly a classic. I also heard it now considered a collectors item for the original game cd
Castlevania FTW!
Even though this game is 2D on a 3D system, it's probably one of the best in the series. I even got it on my XBox 360 Arcade thingy!
If you like video games at all, you need this game. Classic, simply classic. Be warned though, this game may tend to suck up your free time like nobody's business.
Arthur, you get 50 points a day as a free user and, I think, 200 as a subscriber. Or you can buy 10,000 points for, again I think, 5 bucks. PS Awesome game, one of the best EVER!
Can't download, says not enough points, don't know what it means. how can I gather(earn) those points ?
This is the best game that i have played in all my life, probably this game was made of the best ideas of the Sony Computer
The best 2d game for psx [img]/system/views/Generation3/media/images/emoticons/great.gif[/img], it rules, but i have never got out of the castle[img]/system/views/Generation3/media/images/emoticons/cry.gif[/img]
This one of the BEST games ever! and just so you know Magribash, FF7 has nothing (except graphics) over this game! YEAH!
This game is very good. Played much as a kid.