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Full Name Castlevania - Symphony of the Night [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00067].7z
Filesize 340.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Experience the legendary action-adventure of "Castlevania - Symphony of the Night" on your PC with our PSX downloadable ROM. Venture through Dracula's castle as Alucard and discover new abilities and enemies in this classic platformer. Download the PSX ROM now and relive the iconic battles against dark creatures and mythical bosses.


muito bom vey nao canso de jogar numka
GREAt ANd WonDer Full Game ThAt I PLayed ...huhuhuh...!!!
Great game, has been released on 4 consoles because of its epicness (no other game did that yet and the 4 consoles are PS1, PSP, Xbox Live Arcade, and Sega Saturn.) The only thing that buffers me is why Koji Igarashi hasn't released this for a Nintendo System. (although I'm not sure if it is on the Virtual Console or not.)
best castlevania game due to date! this game was created after the crappy n64 version, that comeback with SOTN was definitely worth it. everyone crapped in their pants seeing this. it changed castlevania games FOREVER... castlevania platform games nowadays are based on this game, with its RPG style elements and gameplay and map system. this is the mother of all 'new' castlevania games (e.g. Circle of the moon, Aria of Sorrow, portrait of ruin etc). this totally changed and revolutionized the platforming genre of castlevania after Dracula X. big difference after its creation after the SNES and NES games. This game isn't wasting your life, ITS WORTH YOUR TIME SPENT IN YOU LIFE! GREAT GAME!
One of the few best games on the playstation game system, had an original copy for it but it's god knows where. Thanks for the download!
Perfect game,who play this will never be tired,I already completed all the map includind that places where is necessary to do a crazy action,using the sword power and appearing in the other side of the wall and all these things that just who played this game know.
spoiler :) have ya find this, let me remember.... Duplicator : use item with no limit/invinity, maaan extreemly expensive >_< Heaven sword : best no 2 weapon long range weapon equip two hand's and fualla :) Crissaegrim: sword best no 1 it's just simple but cut dracula hair piece by piece till it's get bald! till the head bold :) Talisman : when reach high level you'll be the untouchable Alucard alucard true shield with shield rod : boss just like a fly even juggernaut, After all this is the best of best game all time!!! Nothing can Match this!!!
You will go to my Dingoo! Gwahahahahaha!
SPOILER WARNING: there are multiple possible, endings in this game one where richter dies (common ending) and the part where you can go to the upside down castle (this ending is longer and hard to make than the first one) you need certain items to get this ending
best game ever
One of my favorites castlevania EVER!
my favourite castlevania...YAY! i'll reccommend this to someone else.