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Full Name Castlevania - Symphony of the Night [U] [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00067].7z
Filesize 340.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Experience the legendary action-adventure of "Castlevania - Symphony of the Night" on your PC with our PSX downloadable ROM. Venture through Dracula's castle as Alucard and discover new abilities and enemies in this classic platformer. Download the PSX ROM now and relive the iconic battles against dark creatures and mythical bosses.


A true masterpiece and classic game! This, and metal gear solid, are two of the BEST games on the PSX hands down! :D
one of the most unmatched game ever made.
cool game Castlevania
I bought this game 3 times... THAT is how good it is. I wouldnt say that it rivals Final Fantasy 7 for best PS1 game, but it comes close. (just my opinion)
One of the best ps1 games. Castlevania is a great game and never boring to play.
holy crap... im so downloading this. i loved castlevania cirlce of the moon or whatever but this ps1 game oh man im so gonna download! judging bu the 24 thousand downloads it is a must! and the graphics look insane for a psx game! im so converting this onto a eboot file ^_^ cheers fellas! ps private message me if you want me to upload the file ;)
It's great, I just wish they didn't remove a part of the map from the Genesis version for the PSX. still its a great game, really it is. story is excellent!
This is just the best castlevania game ever made,I've already played the DS castlevanias,they're very good,but SOTN is just the best ever made
i cant get this to work because its like, 2 files. bis and summet else. i put them both onto my r4 card and didnt work. any help please?
Its a nice game, i've finish it using alucard, now i'm trying to play it using richter
Everytime I start it up, the game begins at the final stage. What the hell is this crap?
This game's ROCK...better give it a try