Full Name C-12 - The Final Resistance [U] [NTSC-U] [SCUS-94666].7z
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this one has been totally and utterly underated, i mean i purchased this brand new for 10 quid (i think), and i thought *yawn* this is gonna be a waste of time. but i was wrong, it was pretty good and i enjoyed. there was a bit of all kinds to it, a bit adventuring, puzzles and it's a half decent shoot em up. how didn't it get noticed? it's beyond me
its an awsome game and has some of the best graphics for the ps1 altough the game is short an there isn't to much replayability you get tons of action for the time played and its kinda memorable.It has amuzingly bad voice acting.You'll Love it :)))
Cool I love this game Its a very good game Thanks Romulation!!!!!!!!!!!
very good!
Good game.
Not many people would try to play this at first, but I bought this game and really got hooked to it like crazy! It really has the best graphics among all the PS games I've played.
My dad loved this game
Although i don't like stuff like sci-fi or horror but this game wonderfull except some points thats make metal gear & syphon filter is the top of the game, but for a sci-fi on PSX is very good!
Good game exellent