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Full Name Brigandine - Legend of Forsena [U] [SLUS-00687].7z
Filesize 281.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Right here.
great game, at first there is no tutorial how to attack or how to play this game, even thou, i didnt throw this game, after 5 years, i still playing this game and using my first and favorite country norgard
you need to finish the game in 15 years, 215-230, if you cant, then game over already, best strategy game ever, i always use norgard and make all my mercenary to quest to get potion and items
I remember this game, it's actually really good and had some great concepts I believe for its time.
could somebody help me out with this ISO ? i can only use Iscalio... i've played this game before, and i know i can use other nations than iscalio... somebody help me please thanks oh and by the way, i am using psxfin as the emulator.. is that a source of the problem ?
I waste 1 hours to download the emulator .. plugin . torrent stuff bios .. but I'm happy I'm done and happy to become a pro at Computer :D hehehe need help .. Ask me :D always happy to help
Thanks for all helps .. I miss this game very much I played this game when I'm 5 years till i'm 10 years and still love this .. :D thanks all :D
good game, but there's minor error if we used iso files..
am i can't pick a nation?? is it always be iscalio??
Seriously, follow my advice, i tested it with PSX 1.1, and PSX 1.7. PSX 1.1 doesnt have that much of a fast forward, but its still reliable. psx 1.7 is smoother, but do save often, crashes once in a while. [Once i smashed Norgard in an against-the-odds perfect battle, leveled up a red into a salamander, and the game crashed in the end.]
Why bother will all the trouble, and what ePSX, when all you need is the PSX 1.1. Proven, won the game with Lance and 3 Salamanders XD
A lot of people are having trouble with this game but there's nothing wrong with the download it takes a lot of configuring with a few different gpu's but after a wile you can get it to work also its even harder to get it to work on psp if your Custom Firmware is to high it wont work same if its to low.Custom Firmware 3.71 is the only one i got it to work on