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Full Name Breath of Fire IV [U] [SLUS-01324].7z
Filesize 135.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Breath of Fire IV is an immersive RPG game that takes players on a thrilling journey through a magical world. Originally released for the PSX console, this classic game can now be enjoyed on your PC through downloading the ROM. Embark on an epic adventure as you follow the story of Ryu, a powerful dragon warrior, and his companions as they battle evil forces and explore mystical lands. With engaging gameplay and stunning graphics, Breath of Fire IV is a must-play for any RPG fan. Download the ROM now to experience this timeless classic on your PC.


RPGs are like heroin, once you get a taste you gotta keep coming back for more. This game keeps you comin back over n over n over its just that great
I hate this one...It was really bland. Though I haven't played the fifth game of the series I still give this one the worst rating 2/5. The best were the Second and Third games. The first one wasn't bad.
This was the first RPG I ever playd too, and I would have to agree with ScarletAce.. it's awesome
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(No, Seriously) BoF4 is the first rpg i hv played. I'v played a lots of rpg's including ff series, lufia(RotS rocks!) n many others, but nothing beats BoF(IMO, FF is gr8 too, but i m obssesed with BoF. Kinda like emotional attatchment.) I hv the game on my pc since 2004 so no need to dwnld. But anyone viewing this n a true rpg fan should definitely DL it. Give it a try, U'll Love it. As for me , there is nothing left for me to comlete in the game. Consider me to be the encyclopedia of BoF4. Great replay value(again IMO) Rating : 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.........../10 PS: This is my first review to ANY GAME.So it had to be BoF4. PS2(*ahem*) : LOVE U NINA!
Duuuuude , this game is a masterpiece of classic RPG gaming...Deffinetly an add to your RPG repertorium...You must have it!!!
great game , i think this is one of the bests around xD !!! i love the voices in japanese definitly this makes it on of the greats ever
WoW!!! I haven't seen this game in yeeeeeeeeeeeears!!! This is a great game, actually the whole series is awesome, cheers to Romulation, you guys rock :D
this is the best classic rpg games ever
this game is awesome i`ve spend 250 hours on this game ^^ but i had evrything muhahaXD but still i want to play this game forever
Spell animations don't show up on epsxe 1.7, other than that its fine.
Great story, fun gameplay - all around amazing game. Who doesn't love Dragons, right? If you are unfamiliar with BoF3 and 4, some notes about what makes it fun/unique: * The "Master" system - Each character can apprentice under a variety of Masters, which lowers some stats upon level up, but further increases others. This can make characters into fighting or magic types as per your preference, and can also teach skills that can't be learned elsewhere. * The "Sim" aspects - Later in the game, you are given the option to make your own city, complete with different shops and activities to do. It's lots of fun! * Skill learning - You can learn skills upon level up, but also by watching monsters and having them use the attack on you. * Combos - Using a certain spell type after another causes the 2nd magic attack to become more powerful. * Your lead guy can turn into a dragon! This time around, the dragon crystals must be found, and you select which dragon to turn into from a list. By participating in Mini Games, you can upgrade one or two of your forms.
Personally, i prefer BOF III than IV, but still this is one of the best game series in PSx!