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Full Name Breath of Fire IV [U] [SLUS-01324].7z
Filesize 135.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Breath of Fire IV is an immersive RPG game that takes players on a thrilling journey through a magical world. Originally released for the PSX console, this classic game can now be enjoyed on your PC through downloading the ROM. Embark on an epic adventure as you follow the story of Ryu, a powerful dragon warrior, and his companions as they battle evil forces and explore mystical lands. With engaging gameplay and stunning graphics, Breath of Fire IV is a must-play for any RPG fan. Download the ROM now to experience this timeless classic on your PC.


I like this game ^^
it's not really hard to get cray's mom,on the way you could find another dragon for ryu to summon
I am playing this game right now. This game is nearly perfect in my opinion. It is an instant classic RPG . My only wish would of been for a better musical soundtrack. On the same level with all the other SQUARE GAMES.
This game contains so many improvements from Breath of Fire 3. What I only can say is: AWESOME
I played all 4 breath of fires from beginning until end so i know quite a bit, not to brag :p. personally breath of fire 3 has better characters and story, but breath of fire 4 has more options for your characters. its difficult to explain, but for example, Ryu isnt as limited as he is in dragon forms as he is in previous games. That means that he will last longer in them, in fact youll often see hm last an entire boss battle in dragon form! The level growth is also better for this game and so is the damage rating. FF freaks know the traditional 9999 damage thing. thats here in this game. BoF 3 uses a damage system based on 999 while BoF4 uses a 9999 damage system so you can cause more damage (thats only really good for the "WOW" effect. bottom line: download this game and the third one
This game makes up for the steaming pile of crap that was breath of fire 3. BoF3 was complete garbage. 4 was much better. But nothing beats bof2
Memorable game, gotta suck you in, best rpg game in PSX.
GREAT GAME.... good story extremely similar to the game rogue galaxy(my favorite ever)over high marks.... only one thing i didnt like i hate the it angles it really ticks me off.. lol
This game is good but Breath of Fire 3 is better i did finished Breath of Fire 3 but didnt finished this 1 yet. I give Breath of Fire 4 4/5 stars
god damn...god damn! this game was the first RPG i properly played and is the best of the best download it you wont be disapointed
it's good but BoF 3 is better
this game is Owesome!!!!!!You should try if you ar a fan of classic rpg.....the storyline is really good....