Full Name Breath of Fire III [U] [SLUS-00422].7z
Filesize 70.1 MB
Region USA
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Step into the magical and mythical world with "Breath of Fire III" for PSX. Join Ryu, a young dragon warrior, on his journey of self-discovery and adventure. Experience epic battles, unravel secrets and engage in the captivating storyline. With our platform, you can now easily download the ROM of "Breath of Fire III" and relive your childhood memories of playing this classic RPG game on your PC. Don't miss out on this unforgettable gaming experience - get your hands on "Breath of Fire III" today!


Absolutely wonderful game... Desert part is a nightmare, but they have guides online how to get through that mess. :) Great game... Not Suikoden II level of awesome, but great game.
Ahhhhh!!! The second game I ever owned, and still one of the best ones I've ever owned. It's more than a pleasure to play this. Who knows after I play this "hidden gem" (I think it's severely overlooked by the majority of people) I'll probably play Star Ocean 2 again. I haven't played that in years, and that was the only PS1 game I liked anywhere near this much! FF7-9 was good, Chrono Chross wasn't that bad either, heck even Legend of the Dragoon put up a good fight, but they just didn't stack up.
One of my favorite PS1 rpgs. Actually it was my first.
Works great on pSX emulator. I also converted it to an eboot using Popstation GUI beta 3.0 to read on the psp and it is working just fine so far. I havent gotten too far into the game just yet, it seems like a very good game so far.
One of the best titles for PSOne, if not the best. Makes me wanna go back in time, for when I had plenty of free time.
I have this game and play It over and over and still love this game
Almost everyone who tried this game gave good reviews, and so do I. The dragon gene system in this game is, IMHO the best of all BOFs. I wasn't really expecting much when I downloaded it, but it turns out this one is golden. Must have.
Awesome game, my all time favorite role playing game...my unfinished business in PS :D now i will finish it...very good game 10 out of 10
I love this game!
yes i played this game too on emulator ESPXE 170 its a great game i love it too its 1 of the best RPG games that were ever made download it and play it too with ESPXE 170 and if you like it too download Breath of fire 2 for SNES too its a very good game too i give breath of fire 3 5 out of 5 stars
One of the best games I have ever played the graphics were still decent, the quality was good, and the enemy/boss fights were excellent. I really love this game and still own the actual PS1 game. This is easily one of the best games ever made. I give Breath of fire 3 a 11 out of 10.