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Full Name Bloody Roar 2 [U] [SCUS-94424].7z
Filesize 248.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



In which emulator it will work
should work in ePSXe or PCSX on Windows
Fond memories of playing this game with my little sister, she always loved playing Uriko of course!
Great game all characters are great and has great graphics for its time
Great game , the wolf is beast
A great fighting game for the PS. Plays just as I remembered it.
The game is very cool xD nice old times psx =D Oh points go 153 @[email protected]
playable on ePSXe?
Gado is the best character in this game
This game is exciting and great. But I prefer Tekken 3 to Bloody Roar
how nostalgic!
I like shen long he have excellent combo
Better than tekken cause you dont have to memorize a million combos,just 2 godamn buttons and you are set!! easiest fighting gam,e evar