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Full Name Battle Hunter [SLUS-01335].7z
Filesize 24.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Battle Hunter is a thrilling strategy game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a medieval fantasy world, this PSX game allows players to join a guild of bounty hunters and embark on quests to collect valuable treasures. With strategic turn-based battles, players must use their skills to outsmart their opponents while navigating through various maps. Download Battle Hunter ROM today and experience the excitement of this classic game on your PC.


This game pretty much REQUIRES that you play with friends. As a single player game, it gets old fast, but as a party game with four players it's something special. Highly recommended if you have somebody to play with, avoid it if you don't.
It says the the file is corupted. O.o is there anyway to ix that? I tried re downloading it
nice game =) but i always die really fast before I get to save
this game used to be one of my fave ps1 games and i loved it so much i never got off the ps1 XD
Retro game fans will surely love this! The music isn't that bad either. Simple but addictive.
Highly addictive simple multiplayer turn-based RPG this game is SO freakin awesome there's a single-player campaign + you and up to 3 other players can compete to get the relic back to the exit, or you and a friend can team up against 2 com players and play.. you level up, get equipment over like 300+ different items,create-a-player. i only paid $7 for this game in a cheapo bin and its prolly the most underrated game in history i mean it check it out the battle style is unique using cards to mix up everything ENJOY