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Full Name Army Men - Sarge's Heroes [U] [SLUS-00914].7z
Filesize 436.0 MB
Region USA
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Army Men - Sarge's Heroes is an action-packed game for the PSX system that takes you on an epic adventure through a miniature world of plastic soldiers. As Sarge, you must lead your squad through a series of dangerous missions, battling against the evil Tan Army in intense firefights. With a range of weapons and vehicles at your disposal, including tanks and helicopters, you'll have to use strategy and skill to overcome the enemy forces and ultimately save the world. Download Army Men - Sarge's Heroes ROM now and experience the thrill of this classic game on your PC.


excelent game... there´s nothing but the good times
I used to play this game when I was about three or so. I've been looking for a cheap copy on ebay, but this worked out a lot better for me. Thanks for providing it.
I loved this game when i was younger my brother played all the time now we're teens and i still play it occationally on my laptop