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Full Name Armored Core - Project Phantasma [U] SLUS-00670.7z
Filesize 133.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Armored Core - Project Phantasma SLUS-00670 is an exciting action-packed game available for the PSX system. This game offers a thrilling experience with challenging missions and intense battles. Players can customize their mechs with a variety of weapons and parts, adding to the excitement of the game. Download and play this top-rated game by searching for PSX Armored Core - Project Phantasma SLUS-00670 ROM download.


Amf how do i play this on ePsxe? after i downloaded the damn big file, there's just 2 files which is a MDF and (maybe)MDS file or what ever that file is, i cant make it run on ePsXe, i only know to run Iso and Bin files, plss i nid help
Why can't i download it.
Well, for the ones who are intending to download this game whithout knowing it yet, here is the main idea: You're going to control a Giant Robot, Mech, Gear, whatever... the mobility of your machine depends on the parts you equip it. The equipament is fully customizable, color, performance and all. To succeed, you must find a battle style and look for the parts tha allows you to this. The gear has needs of Power Generation and Limit Weight. The game offers as much duels as missions that must be accomplished. If you're a lover of scientist fiction, Giant wars or something like this, this game will provide you more than an skill test, but also a engineer experience, developing your destruction machine... Enjoy it... It's AAAAWWWWWSOMEEEEEE
Love this game, and series.
Doesn't work for me...
Yeah good game