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Full Name Alundra [U] [SLUS-00553].7z
Filesize 257.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 91718
Can Download Yes



One of the best RPGs with puuzles in it
Anyone could answer me please? is it v1.0 or v1.1 or the files? The cheat codes (action replay, gameshark) are not the same for v1.0 and v1.1... (just using the HP code for solving puzzles lazily)
if it doesn't say v1.1 it's probably v1.0 but not guaranteed.
Fantastic rpg. wish i still had my old Playstation.
the time for downloading this title is worth it great script
I love solving puzzles and mysteries!! I think the programmers in this game are genius. VERY VERY GREAT GAME!!!
Wonderfull game!
This is a fantastic game. I heard it was made when square-enix tried to copy the success of zelda, and it really shows. If you like zelda, try this, the playstyle is very close.
good game...
Shame on people who don't know the awesome-ness of this game!
sorry its not broken my extracting program didnt work so i tried another 1
this realy is the pinicle of its genre im happy i could play this again
This game kick ass !!!
If you love solving puzzles, you can't miss this one! A great game!