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Full Name Alundra 2 [U] [SLUS-01017].7z
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Seriously, i MISS these kinds of games, good plot, good game play, decent animations. If only my original CD didn't break before i found a memory card for my PS1 (Yes, i had a PS1,and an Atari, i feel so old)
First and foremost, this game is not a sequel to Alundra. It was never meant to be one. The game was called Alundra 2 to sell copies. Though now it is practically forgotten, believe it or not Alundra was a big hit back in the day. Instead of releasing Alundra 2 under it's real title they decided to slap on the sequel title to boost sales. This caused a major backlash however due to fan outrage and rightly so. Gone was Alundra (the main character)and the mature themes of the Zelda like classic. This new game was an insult to its supposed predecessor and a further insult to the intelligence of gamers. As sequel to Alundra, this game is a travesty, but as a stand alone title it actually has merit. Flint's Grand Adventure would have been a much more apt title, but the developers decision to cash in on a beloved game and promising franchise bit them in the ass. Flint's Adventure is a charming game with a few flaws that prevent it from being great. The story may come off as bit childish, but it has its moments. Is it challenging? Not really, I suppose there are moments, but for the most part you shouldn't have any trouble. There are puzzles, some of them even interesting but they lack the depth of the game it tried (and failed) to emulate. It may not be a sequel to an epic game, but it is still worth checking out. If you are looking for the same charm and an overall better game however, I highly suggest Brave Fencer Musashi.
below this comment {guy below this comment} i totally agree with you alundra 2 is better than 1 but 1 has charms ^ and yea this game rox it was 1 of the games i played when i waz young youngz <3
Really good simple yet not too simple game. I never really played the original alundra. All i know is that this game is fun and like any other Playstation game from the 90's you can nitpick it to death about its "bad graphics" or "camera angles". At the end of the day this game is fun and I recommend you should try it out.
I played this when I was young, and i'm looking forward to coming back to it. You people don't know what you're talking about. It's one of the most underrated games ever.
to be honest alundra 2 really isnt a good game, the camara angles are annoying and and the sound and graphics quality is terrible. It is good if its the first rpg you have ever played but if you have played other rpgs such as zelda and final fantasy you wont like this game one bit! Really if you want an amazing PS1 rpg download Alundra, it is quality start to finish. This version is nothing compared to the first!
Burned it with Alcohol 120%, works good, been playing for awhile now and the story is sort of comical. Graphics are alright, controls can be somewhat horrid but not bad. And also stop nic-piking about this game, all the Final Fantasy games have nothing really to do with the previous game but they are still fun to play.
This was the game that get me addicted to platform game, unfortunately some of the later stage feels impossible what's with the bad control and the stupid camera. But if you can get past all that this game can be golden, admittedly I haven't played the original and maybe if this game were not titled Alundra, it would do better.
well to be honest the controls are freaking horrible and the story starts of really slow... but if your patient enough it actually a pretty a pretty good game the only mistake is that is lacks that "i ganna get hooked to this game" feeling at the beginning but once you finish the first chapter, it becomes horribly addicting, Puzzles are hard and it freaking long... and ill admit it is a disappoint as a sequel since there is very little relation to the original Alundra
Well admitadly this game can be a bit of a downfall for alundra 1 fans, but both have their own perks. Besides the obvious use of voices and cut-scenes, the game stands its ground as a stand alone rpg, but if you look at it as its sequel then you'll most likely be dissapointed.
GOOD, a game with an interesting plot and very easy to understand, although he lacks a bit of interactivity to the character jejeje, what I like about this game was the variety of situations and especially the minigames !!!!!!
Mr.Mister is right, this game is good. The camera is a issue but its easily sorted. If you have played alundra 1 then you may feel like this game is a let down, if not then its a must have.