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Full Name Alien Resurrection [U] [SLUS-00633].7z
Filesize 165.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Alien Resurrection is a thrilling sci-fi shooter game for the PSX. Play as the iconic Ellen Ripley as you fight off terrifying creatures and navigate through a spaceship infested with aliens. Experience the intense action and suspense of the movie in this exciting game. Download the ROM to your PC to enjoy the classic game today.


I agree about strafing. ~ @Finlay415, Emulators need fine tuning in their plugins settings for some games. The only semi-choppy lag I ever got from an emulator was from a cutscene.
I love the Alien series. However, it doesn't matter what the base story is, any first-person shooter that does not let you strafe is pure crap and is not worth playing.
its a good game i don't care if the guys at ign gave it a 6,... whatever this game has a charm to me and all alien movie lovers,and it has the best atmosphere in all aliens games.That and avp2 :D.I recommended to any Aliens fan,its worth it.
Nice FPS on PSX. This game isn't perfect (no audio dialogs in cut-scenes only text, slowly movements of player and monsters, etc ... but who cares) If you like ALIEN-movies series and like others computer/console games with ALIENs monsters... this game is A MUST HAVE.
i so want to play this but i cant. i burn this image onto a disc then i put it in my modded psx then it gets to the white screen but doesn't continue so dodgy and i dont wana play on the choppy emulators
This game is very fun to play and easy to get in to it is well based in weapons and thanks to Romulation we can all enjoy it if you like this game try Alian Trilogy its to DIE for ;P