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Full Name Ace Combat 2 [E] [SCES-00699].7z
Filesize 282.1 MB
Region Europe
Downloads 5300
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yeah baby!!!!, this game is awesome!!!!
great game! A was top dog back in the day!
is this game for playstation 1 or 2???
Ace Combat is an arcade style Flight Action video game series published by the Japanese company Namco Bandai Games. Emphasizing action and dramatic plots rather than any sense of reality, the series has established itself in Japan, and the world as a prime example of the non-realistic fast paced mass-media friendly flight action.
it's the better aircombat's game i saw
That was a great game for PS1 !! :D really funny and adrenalynic, and musics still are magic ,the bests of all the saga even today ! At least in my opinion...
very good
very good...
This is good game
Nice game! I have it on my origin PSX if you want to watch vid of gameplay go to vid on youtube