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Full Name XXXX - Pokemon Blaze Black 2 v1.1 (U).7z
Filesize 69.4 MB
Region USA
Downloads 42509
Can Download No



ya, maybe. did you try
When compared, the difference to this and the normal one is that Blaze Black 2, like Blaze Black, has every single Pokemon up to Gen 5 catchable without trading, and Pokemon that originally needed to be traded to evolve evolve via other means. Enjoy, it's a good game. :P
Does it work on the R4 3DS card ?
whats the difference between this, and the normal black 2?
What is this one compared to normal? 0.o
is there a big difference between the hacked one and the normal one?
Whats the difference between the original one and the hack one?
So far i feel this hack is brilliant and your not a pokemon fan if you dont like it :) I hope if you read this you try this i download all my games from here have for a long time