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Full Name 6039 - Pokemon Conquest (U).7z
Filesize 47.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



SAMURAI pokemon who is it.
To bad, Game doesn't work on the M3 DS Real.
this game is awesome!.....................(spoiler)in the arceus part i really got addicted to this game and whoever likes to be the god of pokemon play this!
Terrible turn based pokemon game. It's really awful.Stick to the RPG version.
Very good game! For my opinion, one of the best games on DS! Must have, of course :)
A decent strategic game, but you would get a better and more nourishing experience from Fire Emblem or Advanced Wars, both of which have several titles for the DS and GBA.
the only thing id like to know is if there is a file i can download that will work with the NO$GBA emulator because iv tried downloading this game several times thinking it was a download error but i come to find out this game will always freeze on the no$gba emulator please i need a reply soon
Why does the recruits keep on saying over and over again?
Great game
I m kinda like this game very much
Mission Boy I'm Kinda Likeing what You Said "Best Spin Off" But im Gonna Have to disagree... I Think Super Pokemon Runble or what you might call Super rumble Blast? Anyway Thats My Favirite So Far.. Just an Opinion! :D
What emulator did you use?