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Full Name 5982 - Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Survivor 2 (U)(VENOM).7z
Filesize 94.1 MB
Region USA
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Definitely one of the BEST games ever created. How many times have I played this? I can't count on how much I replayed this. Devil Survivor 2 is no doubt, easily one of the BEST! I can't express this enough. This has so much skills and configurations for your own characterful characters. Like the physical and active foolish Daichi, the intellectual and shy Ilo, funny and ridiculous Joe, and oh so many others! There are many demons for you to fuse and collect too! Like fusing some sort of powerful Aniel. Music is also pretty good! Go to YouTube and listen to the Devil Survivor 2 Sound Tracks! I even listen to it while doing homework. Amazing battle music too! It's so good that I even have the 3ds version; Devil Survivor: Record Breaker. It's basically the original, with additional content and story after this game itself. And, oh god, love it! Go one, play this game. You surely won't regret it! Ever.