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Full Name 5258 - Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light (U).7z
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I would have to disagree with both of you this has a final fantasy 3 style gameplay and even has a great storyline and it is not watered down it has a different style to it also you can choose the target and ally for yourself if your playing the right mode so if you really want to play this game i would highly reccommend this game i have played through this game 3 times in a row and loved it all 3 times if you think this game is bad your a horrible person and haven't bothered to play every final fantasy game i have played through every final fantasy game up to date and i like this one
4:36 / 12,9,16 wow...what a really strong dislikeness in that comment...this game must be really bad if compare to a real final fantasy game...i don't even know why did i searched this....i'm just looking for a novel-game like a dating sim or something....anyway,i'm gonna pass this as it has no good story or no impact...just bland-like game story...for anyone who is simple can play this...
Unfortunately, this is one of worst choices for those looking for a real Final Fantasy experience. Every portion of the game is watered down to it's most basic parts, but it won't stop there. The game takes away literally every portion of strategy by replacing target choices in combat with random, under-the-hood mechanics that choose the enemy/ally you target for you. And also, don't worry about MP anymore: They replaced that with infinite Action Points to make up for that. As if that wasn't enough, the game attempts to put emphasis on local multiplayer, which ends up being a patience competition since the party isn't static due to the fact that it changes in size nearly every other moment. Truly, if you are looking for an actual and worthy Final Fantasy game for the DS, just try Final Fantasy III or IV remakes or even the Tactics series. You'll have a better time playing those.