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Full Name 5160 - Monster Rancher DS (U).7z
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Region USA
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Two glitches people should really be aware of before playing this game: (1) Beaclon (the giant beetle monster) can be unlocked by doing Errantry at Murmouge Coast (the beach, where doing 'Drills' boosts your Intelligence). In the Summertime, you have your monster head to the beach in the Southwest corner, then click the yellow crystal. THE THING IS, doing this makes Beaclon "challenge you to an arm-wrestling match" - and if you fail, that's it - you can never attempt to unlock Beaclon *ever again* without starting a brand-new game. SO, I strongly suggest saving your game before doing Errantry at the beach, if you plan on trying to unlock Beaclon, and reloading from your last save if you fail. If my instructions are a little confusing, then instead just save the game every time before you do Errantry at Murmouge Coast - and reload if you happen to run into Beaclon, and fail to beat it. [Note that errantry everywhere else is perfectly fine, and of course there's no problem if you succeed at beating Beaclon :).] [Sorry for the minor spoilers about unlocking Beaclon, but I felt they were necessary in order to avoid the glitch.] (2) The "Magic Spell" monster creation method may cause glitches if you use it many times in a row (like 8 times in a row). To be clear, this is the fourth and last creation method that you eventually unlock; The ones that you start with have no problems (Magic Field, Incantation, and Encyclopedia).