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Full Name 5075 - Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies (U)(M3).7z
Filesize 116.7 MB
Region USA
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best RPG for ds
BEst dq game , beats a final fantasy story anytime. I guess its second only to suikoden tierries ( which i did enjoy on an equal level).
Best JRPG for ds
nice game i love it<3
Loved this game, it's the first DQ game I played and it made me want to play all the DQ games
This game was too good. Turn Based RPG Adventure with CO-OP with your friends, Interesting Storyline and Great graphics/animations. I'd get this game if i were you.
nice game,look like worth a shot. :)
really nice game is worth downloading looks nice the landscapes nice really everything is nice
Realistically, one of the greatest games I've ever played. Was so fun i actually played it with my cousin in a tag duo through the game. Story line is very simple to follow, some of the more advanced side missions may be a little difficult and trying to find hidden Grotto's (hidden dungeons) can be very difficult if your not familiar with the landscape. Best feature however is the ability to change vocations (classes) to fit your play style or to do something different. Game is pretty lengthy and even when you have completed the game, the game has only reached the halfway point. Level up your vocations and vocational skills to use it between vocations. Become a martial artist with the ability to enchant your whole party with elemental attacks or become a Mage who when out of magic can wield a bow to attack from the back lines. A Must for any RPG gamer.